3 Amazing Local Food Trucks

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Lumpia World


By Derrick & Eleanor Ellis.

“My Love for Lumpia was immediate, when I first tasted Lumpia by the hands of my lovely wife back in 2003. I was hooked from the first bite!”

We started out selling them in small quantities to friends, then a bit bigger quantities for various private gatherings. Word continued to spread and we were ready for the challenge to grow this business when the time presented itself. That time now came and we took full advantage of the Audience that loved and craved Lumpia. We began to tap into small businesses and smaller corporations for Corporate Catering. Next we starting our First Farmers Market that led to several farmers markets in different cities. Caterings were coming in stronger from more contact with a larger audience. Every year since our start, we have experienced growth and we are so Thankful. As of today we now have (2) Food Trucks, (2) Store Front, Catering, Events/Festivals and very cool new ventures are up and coming for our #LumpiaWorldFanFamily. Stay Tuned!

We have the BEST #FanFamily ever!;It is amazing to see and speak with our #FanFamily that have been apart of our growth since 2006 and early years in this business. We graciously say Thank You to each and everyone of you from our heart.

Lumpia World

Xanders Incredible Sandwiches

Xander’s serves up some incredible sandwiches from their infamous slow cooked tri-tip sandwich, to their ‘Almost Maine’ lobster roll, the ‘El Macho’ Torta Roll and smoked chicken sandwich. In addition to the meats, they have a mozzerella, spinach and roasted red pepper for the vegetarians and any of their sandwiches can be served on a tortilla versus a roll. Time to eat!

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